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About the Founders: Vlad

The only Moldovan founder of Smokehouse is Vlad Shuleansky. He has lived in Chisinau his entire life. For many years Vlad was working in an IT company, doing data mining, outsourcing and SEO for many companies in Moldova as well as abroad. Besides that, he is also an experienced volunteer who dedicated a lot of time fighting human trafficking, gender discrimination and domestic violence by empowering youth through business. All this work led him to founding Smokehouse a place that will be focused on local products, ideas, and community. One that he hopes can inspire other entrepreneurial minded people in Moldova.
Being a fan of BBQ, Vlad is sure that its uniqueness will attract Moldovans, and bring the business needed for success. He strongly believes that passion is the key ingredient to success anywhere in the world. The passion Vlad feels about the Smokehouse concept led him to join Matt and David without hesitation and will power him while starting this venture here in Moldova.
Smokehouse is not Vlad’s only passion, Vlad is also the founder and captain of the “Flying Mamaligas” . The sport is very new to Moldova, so new that not many Moldovans have heard of it. Vlad and the Flying Mamaligas are hoping to change that by publicizing the sport via their facebook page and joining multiple international competitions

Vlad loves Moldova, but sees the problems that it has and wants to stay and do something about it.

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