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Our Story: The Grand Opening (Part 4)

After over a year of working, fighting and preparing we finally opened!! The event was symbolic of our struggle to get this venture off the ground and open to the public.
The Grand opening of Smokehouse was a huge day for us, as everything we had worked so hard for was finally starting to come to life. We were able to see our vision come to life with our friends and others in the community to celebrate the journey that we had been on and about to start as well.

The Grand Opening Pouring of Beers!
Marea deschidere Turnare de bere!

We were very thankful for everyone that came to the event, especially those who help us in different ways along the way of starting/opening Smokehouse. We had many people who volunteered their time to help us in many different ways, especially with building the restaurant.

Tostul la marea deschidere cu H.E. Ambasadorul Dl James Pettit

We built Smokehouse with a purpose, to show people that it is possible to start a business even one as complicated to start as a restaurant, without paying bribes. Then continue running it while paying all of the taxes, high quality service, beer and food!

Bucurându-se de berea artizanală Moldovenescă împreună cu prietenii!

Bringing it forward to today, while we are gearing up for New Years and celebrating the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 we have been able to see how much Smokehouse has grown, evolved and developed since we have opened. The now staples of Smokehouse like Trivia night, English Over Beers, Game night, American Football, Wings night! as well as Brunch.

We will continue to work hard to bring new things, whether it is beer, food or events to our customers! The community that has developed around Smokehouse is awesome, we love it and keeps us encouraged to keep on going! We look forward to the New Year and all the new and exciting things to come!


Smokehouse Team

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