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Smokehouse has been remodeled

We posted a while ago about the remodeling process, and now we are happy to say that it’s almost over! If you ever remodeled anything, you know how hard it is, and if you ever remodeled a Turkish restaurant into a BBQ joint, why didn’t you warn us?

It sure took a while, but now the renovation are almost over, and Smokehouse is fully furnitured. (Insert pictures here)

As always, there is a story behind every single piece of furniture you see. Booths and chairs weren’t always this color, it took David weeks to bring them to the state they are in(if you want to see how it’s done, here is a video of David burning them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-JskvWh3GU)

Those who follow the Open Source blog (http://opensource-entrepreneurship.org) know that things aren’t always easy when one decides to order anything in Moldova, but we had better luck with chairs. Obviously, it took a while to find a company that was willing to make the chairs according to our design, but when we finally did, they turned out great. A big debate came when they were delivered, and the question was asked “ Should we burn them?” In Smokehouse, the answer to this question is always the same “ Yes, burn them!”

(Insert picture of chairs before they were burned)

We promised some of our Indiegogo Supporters to burn their names into barstools forever, and have kept our word. After trying and failing at burning them ourselves, we were able to find a pyrography class in Chisinau that were able to do a much better job. Those who ordered those names- you can be sure that they will stay a part of Smokehouse forever.
As we fight to finally open, we have more challenges to face, but at least now Smokehouse really does look like an authentic American BBQ restaurant.

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