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Our Story: Why Smokehouse? BBQ? (Part 2)

Bringing American BBQ to Moldova.

Questions that we are asked quite often is why did we start a restaurant? Do any of the founders have experience running or working at a restaurant? The answer is that none of the founders have experience working in a restaurant besides Matt who worked for two (long) weeks at Taco Bell. While both Vlad and David have no experience.

The original idea was just to start a business here to take advantage of some of the opportunities we saw around us. BBQ itself was an evolution through a number of conversations about our skills, passions and what we thought Moldova was ready for. American BBQ is a cool spot where many Moldovans enjoy a traditional American food that isn’t too spicy or too niche for them. And who doesn’t like beer?! Moldova didn’t have a craft beer bar when we opened but was producing some awesome local brews. We felt we needed to highlight that and when you bring people together over food, drinks and service with a smile, community is your outcome. Hence the name 🙂

Why the name Smokehouse?

Basically it is only significant in how simple it is. A “smokehouse” is a place you smoke meat. Many BBQ restaurants are named “Billy’s Smokehouse” etc and it’s a really common piece of the name of American BBQ restaurants around the world. So, after debating and debating about how to name our Smokehouse we realized that there wasn’t a Smokehouse within 2 countries of us… so we figured just Smokehouse is fine 🙂

Is the BBQ at Smokehouse different than what you would find in America?

Our BBQ is made with traditional recipes combined with locally sourced fresh ingredients. The only thing classically used in American BBQ not found in Moldova is molasses from cane sugar. Traditionally this would be used to brine the meat and as a base for the sauce and baked beans. We substitute locally produced honey to keep the sweet flavor with with a local twist.

Bringing American BBQ to Moldova has had its challenges but we are very happy that we can share a piece of American culture with Moldova!


Team Smokehouse

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