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About the Founders: Matt

Matt Stahlman is another founder of Smokehouse S.R.L. It is hard to say where Matt is from, because he spent most of his life moving not only all across America but also living for 2 years in Saudi Arabia. He graduated from Peter F. Drucker School of Management with a master’s degree in Politics, Economics and Business. Later, Matt joined Peace Corp and moved to the Republic of Moldova, where he spent 2 years as a Small Enteprise Development Volunteer. Like many volunteers, the range of his work spread to many domains, such as: creating a website for a government agency, roasting and pureeing 100 pounds of pumpkin in his small ex soviet bloc apartment kitchen, teaching trainings about volunteering and many more. In order to escape the monotony of Chisinau beer, Matt began home-brewing beer styles that he enjoyed in the USA. Between that and cooking, Matt took joy in sharing the new tastes and flavors with his local friends. Over the course of his Peace Corp life, Matt hosted multiple food booths, where he observed that people enjoy BBQ, which let him to believe in the future success of Smokehouse. What inspired Matt, to stay in Moldova, was the potential that he sees in the country, which he wants to help develop.

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