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About the Founders: David

David Smith is one of the founders of Smokehouse S.R.L. a Virginia native with a passion for BBQ and bringing new ideas to the communities he’s involved in. David graduated from Georgia Tech in 2010, and lived abroad ever since. While he was a student, David lived in Singapore, which started his love for foreign countries. That’s why shortly after graduating university, David joined Peace Corps and moved to Kazakhstan to work as an English teacher, where he also learned Russian. However,neither English nor teaching was David’s major in college. He actually studied electrical engineering( which, of course, is very useful when teaching English). After Kazakhstan, he moved to Moldova as a Peace Corp Volunteer, where he used his skills, while working as a community developer. He also worked on web development and consulting for NGOs and Local Government. In this time he developed a passion for bringing new ideas (and tastes) to Moldova through a variety of fundraisers and events aimed at exposing Moldovans to American foods while raising money for good causes. After living here for two years, David decided that this is the country where he wants to stay and open Smokehouse.
The most concrete proof that David never gives up, is the fact that he owns a Lada- a car that he often works on, repairs and doesn’t give up, when the rest of the world already has.