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Our Principles of Doing Business

At Smoke House SRL we commit ourselves to the following principles.

Business With Integrity

Committing ourselves to business practices that are legal and follow international standards of conduct set out by Transparency International (http://www.transparency.org). In particular,

      1. We will carry out our business fairly, honestly and openly.
      2. We will not make bribes, nor will we condone the offering of bribes on our behalf, so as to gain a business advantage.
      3. We will not accept bribes, nor will we agree to them being accepted on our behalf in order to influence business.
      4. We will avoid doing business with others who do not accept our values and who may harm our reputation.
      5. We will set out our processes for avoiding direct or indirect bribery, and keeping to and supporting our values.
      6. We will make sure that everyone in our business and our business partners know our Principles.

We will keep to these Principles even when it becomes difficult.

A Moldova Centric Outlook

We at Smokehouse have a passion for Barbeque, Beer and Community and it is our hope that our company will reflect this passion with our customers. In addition to our passion about food we have a passion about Moldova. Our suppliers will be carefully selected with consideration to supporting local entrepreneurial efforts and to presenting customers with engaging stories of startup efforts in Moldova. The cafe will strive to serve products made locally which convey the message “Made With Pride In Moldova.”

Transparency and Openness

To support our commitment to transparency we came up with our social side project called Open Source Entrepreneurship. What exactly are we Open Sourcing? We’re not Open Sourcing our restaurant business, we’re Open Sourcing the process of doing business in Moldova. This includes everything from business structure and registration, to individual documentation and visas, to experiences with government agencies, taxes, etc. Furthermore we will be sharing our thoughts and ideas on the ever-present topics of corruption and our experiences in the greater business and social community in Chisinau.

See our site at www.opensource-entrepreneurship.org

These are the commitments of our business. These are the principles upon which it is built.



The Smokehouse SRL Team

David Smith, Matthew Stahlman and Vlad Shuleansky